Sarah's Stars

John Wilson. Adrift in Time
Ronsdale  $9.95  ISBN 1-55380-007-9  131 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 11

“Ian felt adrift in a world he couldn’t relate to.”

Ian thinks that his father cares more about the ever so perfect past rather than the more realistic present.  For this reason, Ian and his father are almost constantly arguing.  After an exceptionally large fight with his father, Ian decides to become an independent person and foolishly takes his boat out on a stormy night.  Finding himself over halfway across the Active Pass, Ian realizes that the wind is blowing him off course and it would take too much energy to row back.  While Ian troubles as to what to do, he discovers that he has some extraordinary guests. Ian suddenly finds himself faced with the past that he had been so laboriously trying to avoid.

I took pleasure in reading Adrift in Time and I recommend it to children from ten to twelve who enjoy historical fiction.  John Wilson did an amazing job of explaining events that were everyday problems in the 1900s.  He incorporates the past and the present in a surprisingly imaginative way.  I just wish it explained more about Ian’s visitors.

I rate Adrift in Time three stars.


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