Ode to Baby Blanket
Ashley, Age 12, Albuquerque, NM

The shrill cries of me when I was just an infant.
A cloth is suddenly spread upon me.
I clasp it and my crying is only a memory.
My first blanket.
The radiant colors of blue, pink, yellow, like a hand made rainbow.
I am five now, I am nervous, shaking in fear,
but my beloved blanket will be there with me
when I walk into the kindergarten classroom for the first time.
I am sneaking my blanket into my back pack
even though my mom had told me not to take it,
but I am.
Through ages six, and seven,
I've been taking my blanket to school,
cuddling it in bed, and throwing it into the air and letting it
fall on my face and giggling.
I am eight now I still adore my blanket,
but don't take it to school.
There have been many times that I have either lost
or had to give it up to send it through the
whirling vortex of clothing.
The Washer.
I am older now and my blanket brings back a lot of memories.
I hope when I grow up
I can give it to my children where they can enjoy it as
much as I have.

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