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Jenifer Corr Morse. Book Of World Records 2006
Scholastic  $12.99  ISBN 0-439-75518-2  320 pg.
Reviewed by Chelaine, Age 11

Illacme Plenipes - a species of millipede found in California - has 750 legs.

Kingda Ka - the newest coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey - can launch riders straight up a track at a top speed of 128 miles (206 km) per hour.

These are just two of the world records listed in the Book Of World Records. Jenifer Corr Morse is the author and has done a wonderful job of designing this resourceful book, which is published annually.

In this book there are more than 300 records, covering astonishing facts about culture, science and technology, sports, nature, money, human-made records and more.  Each record has a graph showing how extraordinary each record was and is compared to four other close records.  The Book of World Records is written in a factual format, using paragraphs to enlighten you on the subject chosen.

The Book of World Records 2006 gets four stars and I recommend it to anyone who would like to expand their minds and learn about the many different and interesting facts.


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