Ode to Buddy
Maggie, Age 13, Albuquerque, NM

My eighth birthday
Dawned bright and early
Five years ago.
And there was Buddy,
My birthday beagle,
Waiting for me,
Happy as a pig in mud.
We bonded instantly
Not demanding
But giving lots of love.
And now
Every day
I find him
Sitting on my bed
Glassy eyes staring into space
Green sweater on his back
Patiently waiting
For me to come home,
And stroke
His fuzzy ears,
And let his tail
Hit my face
As it wags wildly.
I'll whisper
My secrets to him
And he'll listen
To my problems.
I'll whine about
And life in general
And he'll listen
Consoling me
In his doglike way.
With his soft brown eyes
Fuzzy snout
His heart
As big as the sky
You gotta love him
My Buddy.

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