Ode to My Cell Phone
Justine, Age 12, Albuquerque, NM

My alarm goes off, a new day.
I get up and take a shower.
I get dressed and put on my makeup.
After I am done getting ready
I head for my bedroom.
I spot my cellphone.
I take it off the charger.
What do I see, a new call who could it be?
My best friend or could it be a boyfriend.
I was right it is my best friend Shayln.
I have a message. She said she called my
house phone. And too bad it is not cordless like my
house phone. And too bad I can't text on my house phone
either. I am done listening to my message.
I run out the door
jump in my truck and head out for the store.
And I start my day
me and my best friend my phone.

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