Depression Seeps In
Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

Sitting in my room
All by myself,
Just staring, staring,
Staring out my window.

Thinking about everything, just,
About all the lies,
Pain I bear in life.

I try to understand Iím not perfect.
I try to understand that really,
I canít be perfect.
But not everyone understands.

Depression seeps in.
I feel that I must
Punish myself for being un-perfect.
Hurt myself.

After Iím done being punished,
I am the image of a beaten soul.
A pathetic creature that can only
Think of the depression seeping in.

Others have seen me like this,
But they donít really care.
They just go on with their daily lives,
Without a worry on their minds.

Depression seeps in.
You can see it in my eyes.
Hear it in my voice.
Feel it within my shriveling soul.

Depression seeps in.
Breaking through my weak defenses.
Torturing me
Day and night.

It keeps coming,
No matter how hard
I try to keep it out.
Itís persistent.

Seeping into my soul,
It poisons me.
It destroys me from
The inside.

One day
It will cause the death of me,
But for now,
I donít really care.

Iíve cried too much.
Iíve bled too much.
Depression seeps in.
I cannot escape.

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