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Lynne Truss. Eats, Shoots and Leaves
Gotham Books   $20.00  ISBN 1-592-40087-6   204 pages
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

"If Lynne Truss were Catholic I'd nominate her for sainthood. As it is, thousands of English teachers from Maine to Maui will be calling down blessings on her merry, learned head." Frank McCourt.

Who would have imagined that a book on punctuation would be a bestseller? But reading Lynne Truss' book you cannot help but be interested. After entering the world of punctuation and seeing how much effort was put into creating those symbols, how many times they have been nearly abolished, but managed to cling on; you have to appreciate them just that much more. Imagining a world without punctuation is like imagining math without addition. It just wouldn't work! From apostrophes ( ' ) to ellipses ( ... ) Eats, Shoots and Leaves provides a witty history and easy rules-of-use for every punctuation mark.

"Sticklers unite!" As it is stated in the Introduction, "Either this will ring bells for you or it won't." If you are not one of those people for whom the sight of "CD's, Video’s, DVD's and Book’s" causes "a gasp of horror, or a quickening of the pulse..." then this book is not for you. If, however, you feel hurt and angered by the sight of "Bob,s Cars" then you should most certainly check this book out immediately. With fun examples and quotes such as:

"Yes, you can see the bullet points here, here and here, sir; there's multiple backward slashes, of course. And that's a forward slash. I would have to call this a frenzied attack... There's no doubt about it, sir. The Punctuation Murderer has struck again."

Eats, Shoots and Leaves is an entertaining and educational read. Punctuation will never seem the same again. I would recommend this book for adults, although I believe kids ages 15 and up could probably handle it. There were several quotes I didn't understand, but most others I knew. (A good understanding of British words would also be helpful.)

I would give Eats, Shoots and Leaves four and one half out of five stars.


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