So Empty
Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

I am so empty.
My soul has disappeared.
Iím so hollow inside.
I am a void.

I wasnít always like this,
I used to smile, laugh, and
Cry, with the rest of them

These things happen.
Your emotions get
Old, weary, and used, until
You canít feel them any more.

My actions are mechanical.
It is said that I am cold.
I should feel upset by that,
But I donít.

I canít feel anymore.
Itís like Iím
Numb forevermore.
My emotions are torn away from me.

The rain is just like me,
Falling forever.
Cool, calm, falling,
Just falling forever.

Iím an empty shell.
Thereís no more love or emotion left in me.
Thereís only a tear or two, from
When I used to cry.

I wish that I could
Stop falling.
I wish that I could
Start flying.

Iíve wept too much,
Bled too much,
Screamed too much,
I cannot anymore.

Iím so empty
And Iíll be empty,
Forever more. Iíll feel
Emotions nevermore.


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