Sarah's Stars

Sandy Frances Duncan. Gold Rush Orphan
Ronsdale $10.95   ISBN 1-55380-012-5   279 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 11

Mr. Fraser frowned at him.  “I shouldn’t have told you!  Keep a curb on  your imagination, boy, and don’t trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.”

Sandy Frances Duncan is a fantastic writer who writes a book you’ll never want to set down. I also want to give credit to the illustrator, Rand Berthaudin, because his design and illustration is phenomenal.  For all of you who judge a book by its cover, you can’t pass by this one.

Gold Rush Orphan is about Jeremy Britain who is trying to get to the gold fields to see his father.  When he reaches Skagway, the last real town before the Klondike, it is made clear how difficult things will be if you don’t play your cards the right, especially when the bullies of the town give Jeremy trouble, making his stay very unpleasant.  Luckily he meets Mr. Fraser and his friends, who are travelling in the same direction and suggest that he accompany them.  While on the trail they discover that Jeremy has lied over a few accounts.  The group thinks that they should maybe leave him alone on the unforgivable journey to the gold fields. Will he be left behind to survive the harsh lessons of the trail?

I would recommend this book to anyone.  There is a little bit of everything, always leaving you hungry for more.  Gold Rush Orphan deserves 5 brilliantly, shining gold stars.

“Boy, you are so dirty, your dirt has dirt.”


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