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Julie Lawson. No Safe Harbour
Scholastic  $14.99  ISBN 0-439-96930-1  249 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 11

People keep coming in, quietly saying names, looking at faces. They have to look closely because so many faces are scarred, burned, covered with bandages.

No Safe Harbour is the newest edition to the Dear Canada historical series. This is a mesmerizing collection of stories; educational, but in an enjoyable way. These books are written in the form of a diary. With it being in this form you really get a feeling for the character and their personality. If you treasure this particular one be sure to check out Julie Lawson’s other title or the many others in the series.

No Safe Harbour is about Charlotte Blackburn’s experiences; from having a brother in the war and to the chaos that breaks out in her own town. Her family is haunted with the thought of something happening to her brother while overseas, until one day their worst fear becomes a reality. With this horrendous news, disturbing their every move, the family starts to stray apart. Then there is a devastating event in their very own town. Many are lost. Will all of Charlotte’s family survive or will she be orphaned?

I would definitely recommend this book to you if you enjoy historical fiction or adventure. All in all, No Safe Harbour is a fantastic must read.

No Safe Harbour rightfully earns five, gigantic, shimmering gold stars.


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