Hardworking Mom
Anthony, Age 12, Albuquerque, NM

My mom has black hair, brown eyes,
Straight-haired Chinese woman,
Hardworking, and is very kind-hearted,
She helps me with my homework,
Buys me things,
Helps me with things,
Taught me the violin,
She plays the violin professionally,
Plays with me, and punishes me when I need to be punished,
She is like an angel,
She gives the sweetest hugs anyone could give,
She will cook different things for everyone,
Her food is perfect,
When I was younger she would kiss me 100 times repeatdly,
She would also sleep with me until I fell asleep,
Tuck me in every night,
She would surprise me with new things,
When they were least expected,
When she gave me a bath it was nice,
She treats everyone like a baby,
She is a perfect mother to have,
I couldn't ask for a better mom,
I love her so much.

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