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Diana Wynne Jones. The Lives of Christopher Chant
HarperCollins   $9.99   ISBN 0-00-675518-6   332 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 13

Christopher was called to Mama's dressing room that afternoon. There was a new governess sitting on the only hard chair, wearing the usual sort of ugly greyish clothes and a hat that was uglier than usual. Christopher found her of no interest. All the interest in the room was centred on the man standing behind Mama's chair with his hand on Mama's shoulder.

"Christopher, this is my brother," Mama said happily. "Your Uncle Ralph."

After spending the first part of his life trapped in the Nursery, Christopher is delighted to be introduced to his enchanting Uncle Ralph. Uncle Ralph shows him how special he is, and that what he can do so easily is unnatural and advanced magic. But soon, it seems everyone wants something different from Christopher, and he is whisked from place to place, guardian to guardian, always continuing his secret work with Uncle Ralph, until he comes to live in Chrestomanci Castle, and his world turns upside down...

Diana Wynne Jones is the award-winning author of the Chrestomanci series. She is an author of children and teen fiction and her work includes Castle in the Air, the Homeward Bounders, Howl's Moving Castle, and Wild Harry. I recommend The Lives of Christopher Chant for kids age 9-15.

The Lives of Christopher Chant is a story about magic, friendship, betrayal, and secrecy. A bright, imaginative tale full of colour and laughter, but not without a few dark corners. Fantastical and fun, lively and fresh, a thoroughly enjoyable book for all ages. The Chrestomanci books are another angle on magic, the universe, and human nature. Read them whenever, wherever, forever! The Lives of Christopher Chant win an easy five stars!


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