Jennifer, Age 14, Manchester, England

Look at you people, all so innocent,
Letís drop a bomb here, one over there,
Letís destroy everyoneís life,
Make sure there arenít any lives to spare.
Iím a politician,
It doesnít matter to me,
People bring it on themselves,
It only brings justice you see.

Look at you people, all so ordinary,
Admiring, envying and adoring me,
I think Iíll ignore cruelty to animals,
I donít care about ongoing poverty.
Singing on stage for money,
I only do this when the public asks me to,
I have wads of money but I ask you- charities?
Iím a celebrity- I have better things to do.

Look at you people, all so soft,
Hating my career,
What have these creatures done for us?
Nobody really cares about useless deer.
Animals arenít going to change the world,
Theyíre just worthless and dumb,
Youíre wrong if you think itís bad to poach,
Itís going to carry on for years to come.

Look at you people, all so barbaric,
Animals have feelings you know,
What did we ever do to you?
We live for a while then itís time to go.
We canít speak up,
You donít understand,
You donít think we donít have a purpose,
Now we arenít sure where we stand.

Look at us all,
So wrapped up in our self,
While we live life to the full,
People and animals are going through hell.
Things arenít going well anymore,
It all has to change before itís too late,
We should do what we can to help save the planet,
Before life is taken over by hate.

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