Sarah's Stars

Heather Ball. Magnificent Women in Music
Second Story $10.95   ISBN 1-897187-02-5   108 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 13

I used to be concerned about everybody else - now Im taking ownership of myself and my music and just letting it be. When youre true to yourself, the best comes out of you.  - Chantal Kreviazuk

Do you have trouble believing in a gift you have? Do you think a form of art can express your feelings beyond any limits?  Then this book is for you. This book has ten different stories, featuring ten different women, and ten musical dreams.

This book brought to life, so many different women, with the same cause, and goal in their lives. From the year 1819 to 2006, this writer has shown me, and hopefully other readers, what it is to never give up or give in. Part of this book gives you the idea to do what you want to do in life. It shows you that whatever your goal is, it is possible. No matter what the reason, your skin colour, or your gender; you can accomplish what you believe in. This book discusses how ten women hugely significant in the musical world. A great read for all you dreamers out there.

This book gives you that warm happy feeling that makes you feel like you are one of those famous females. You can literally imagine yourself on the stage, hearing the thunderous applause, seeing the millions of happy faces, and feeling like you belong. Magnificent Women in Music is a wonderfully written book. It just goes to show you women are capable of great things.

This book was inspiring, and deserves 4 stars. 


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