Sarah's Stars

Lilli Thal. Mimus.
Translated by John Brownjohn.

Annick  $12.95  ISBN 1-55037-924-0  394 pg.
Reviewed by Jordan, Age 12

The woman herself was heedless of the danger. “Turn back, thou bird of ill omen, before it is too late!” She screeched, drumming on her piece of wood, “The warning voices have spoken!”

The shadow of war clashes between the kingdoms of Vinland and Moltovia, but peace appears to have come at last. Prince Florin of Moltovia travels the land to join his father, King Philip of Moltovia, in a banquet celebrating peace after years of death and horror. Florin and his escorts are quickly betrayed by King Theodo of Vinland. Florin is spared and sent to the monkey tower with Mimus, Vinland’s insane court jester, to apprentice in the ‘art’ of jesterdom.

Mimus is an excellent novel. I recommend it to anyone twelve and up. Author Lilli Thal has a master’s degree in medieval history and has numerous awards for her previous young adult novels. Mimus will make you stay up all night reading. The writing is clear and meaningful. This novel is truly superior. Thal is a great author. She achieved almost every possible point that makes a book a good book.

I loved Mimus. I got hooked on the endless excitement and suspense. Mimus is an excellent example of a wonderful novel, with boundless details that made me feel as if I was in Florin’s shoes. This novel is a masterpiece of literature. I suggest Mimus to any average reader looking for a book they will love and never forget.

I give Mimus a whopping 5 stars!


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