Our Miracle
Cassandra, Age 12, Albuquerque, NM

I was so excited to see that blonde-haired baby on that special day. She turned out to be nine and a half pounds when she was born and has a really cute smile. When I first saw her face, I knew I was attached. Her name is Candace with a nickname of Candy. She drinks a billion bottles a day. She has a snuggle that makes you never want to put her down, a funny what-are-you-doing look, and her feed-me look. She loves to be talked to.

When you put her down, she wakes right back up. It's so cute when she opens her eyes to see if someone is holding her; she sleeps through the night.

She's like a baby doll, but one who really eats, sleeps, cries, giggles, and smiles. To my family, this eighth baby is a miracle. This sweet, seven week old baby is going to make a great little sister.

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