My Mom
Jacob, Age 12, Albuquerque, NM

Oh how I love you, mom.
Love you from the day I was born!
When I was growing up my mom took care of me most of the time,
because my dad had to work.
if you want to know what she looks like, than I'll tell you.
she has brunette hair, with dark brown eyes like a cave!
my mom's love is as big as the biggest boulder in the world.
and nothing can come between us!
Her hugs are as soft as a stuffed animal.
When I started to play sports, like baseball, football, or basketball,
if I won or lost my mom would always be there.
One of are favorite games are scrabble and sometimes I let her win.
I've also tried to teach her Xbox
but she's alright.
We like cooking together.
She says I make the best burrito in the world.
I know no matter what she would always be there for me!
I love you mom!

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