Ode to Ziggy
Jacob, Age 13, Albuquerque, NM

He is so fat.
He’s the sumo of Schnauzers.
His nicknames are Ziggy the Piggy, The Pig, Fatwich, Blob, and Tubs.
He’s also my buddy,
My friend
And my dog.
We stopped by Barbara’s Pet Parade,
My mom said if they have a Jack Russel or a Miniature Schnauzer
We would get it.
When I first saw Ziggy I thought he was a pile of dust.
Once out of the cage he smelled terrible,
But he was as funny as a clown
And once cleaned and hair cut
Looked like a real Miniature Schnauzer.
He was just like a lamb.
We bought him and took him home.
Once home we introduced him to our other dog Shannon,
She started barking while Ziggy strutted over
to her bowl of food and began to eat,
Ziggy then goes inside,
Jumps on the couch
And falls asleep.
At that moment,
I knew he was going to be a perfect fit.

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