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Lemony Snicket. The Penultimate Peril
HarperCollins  $16.99  ISBN 987-0-06-441015-1  353 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 13

The taxi made a sharp turn through a large metal gate and proceeded down a curvy, narrow street lined with shrubbery. "I wish we had more time to talk, but it's already Tuesday. As it is you scarcely have time to eat your important brunch before getting into your concierge disguises and beginning your observations as flaneurs."

"Concierge?" Violet asked.

"Flaneurs?" Klaus asked.

"Brunch?" Sunny asked.

In The Penultimate Peril the Baudelaire orphans, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, are once again thrust into a confusing, dangerous, and bizarre setting, this time itís an enormous hotel organized like a library. Not knowing whom their friends and enemies are they are assigned to spy on the needy hotel guests as they wait on them hand and foot. The second-to-last Baudelaire book does not disappoint, as random, biased, and thoroughly entertaining as the first eleven.

Lemony Snicket is the author of the Series of Unfortunate Events. The only pieces of information he willingly reveals to his readers are his name, and the name of his deceased lover, Beatrice.

The Baudelaire books are always rich in description, and full of the most wicked, clever, distraught, well-read, unhygienic, and fashion-conscious characters you may ever encounter. Colourful, original, and utterly stunning, the villains and volunteers of the Baudelaire world will continue to amaze, worry, and confuse you as you read deeper into the mysteries of VFD. Blind justice, identical triplets, and a lettuce bikini are all part of the five-star Penultimate Peril.


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