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Karen Krossing.  Pure
Second Story Press   $9.95   ISBN – 1-896764 -96 –7   243 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 15

Pure is set in the future, in a future I’m not sure any of us would ever like to see. Lenni’s world is filled with a new type of prejudice: genetic prejudice. It has opened up a whole new world of discrimination and the ability to do so. She is living in a world where genetic engineering is possible but illegal. Lenni believes she has it good – residing in a community where anyone proven to be genetically impure is thrown out and everyone is checked up on regularly by Purity (genetic police). Thrown out into the Beyond where genetic misfits live. These are the much gossiped-about skidge - deformed and disfigured animals and people. She is safe though, what could Purity ever want with her? She’s completely pure …

I thought that Pure was a very good outlook on what our future could involve. Lenni’s life is so different from a normal teenager nowadays, but then so close to home at the same time. I think that Karen Krossing has conjured the future up very well. It must be a difficult thing to do. Books about the past or present can be researched fairly easily but a novel about the future is entirely up to the author to imagine.  

I think that Pure deserves four stars.  There isn’t any particular reason that it doesn’t deserve the full five, it’s just not a ‘wow’ book; it is a ‘very good’ book.


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