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J.C Mills. The Strange Voyage of the Raconteur
Key Porter Books   $15.95   ISBN 1-55263-719-0  248 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 11

On his way to school Monday morning, Joseph Allenby stops at the marina to collect his thoughts.  There he sees a hippie docking his boat and quickly runs over and helps him out.  Later this stranger tells Joseph an amazing story about the legend of the Holy Grail - an object that was somehow integrated with god. Before long, he finds out there are only a few places that the Holy Grail could be.  It isnít long after that that Zen (the Hippie) starts teaching him how to sail a boat.  When Zen thinks that Joseph is ready, they take the boat out. Disaster strikes! Zen is knocked unconscious, and suddenly out of the thick fog, a phantom boat appears with a sailor with two different eyes!  What will Joseph do to stop this madman from boarding the Raconteur?

J.C. Mills is the creative author who wrote this excellent book called The Strange Voyage of the Raconteur.  Almost every page in this book has an exciting event taking place.  This book definitely grabbed my attention; because after I read it, I found I hadnít forgotten many of the details.

I would recommend The Strange Voyage of the Raconteur for absolutely anyone over 10 that wants a Ďone chapter read before you go to sleepí sort of book.  I found the characters and the story line extremely interesting.  I almost could not put this thrilling book down.

I give The Strange Voyage of the Raconteur five out of five stars.


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