Sarah's Stars

Eric Walters. Run
Penguin  $13.90   ISBN 0-14-331218-9   214 pg.
Reviewed by Rachael, Age 12

What drove you to leave? Where did you go? How long were you gone for? For Winston MacDonald, these questions go unanswered. He doesnít know why he runs away, or where heís heading. He just goes.  Maybe itís the sensation of being completely alone, and being able to do whatever he wants. Or maybe heís just looking to get his parents nervous.

What inspired you to do this? When did you think up the idea to run? Were you an athlete in your childhood? How is it having such a devoted friend helping you follow your dream? For Terry Fox, running is a passion, not a desperate leap to freedom.  Itís a dream, to help others who are fighting for their lives.

Winston has been suspended from school, and has just been returned to his motherís house after being picked up by the police for the third time.  When his mother gets overwhelmed from all the chaos, Winston gets sent off to spend some time with his father. While traveling to Nova Scotia with his father, Winston gets intrigued by a man named Terry Fox, who his father is interviewing for a column in the local newspaper. It seems as if this is solely a human interest story, but after traveling with Terry, and his dedicated companion, Doug, Winston and his father discover that ĎThe Marathon of Hopeí is going to help thousands of people with cancer, and in doing so, become a complete success.

But even best friends can get on each otherís nerves. Terry and Doug start spending less time talking, and seem to be locking horns. You know that what people want to see more than a hero, is a hero that fails. So, Winstonís father begins to write his next article regarding the Ďargumentí that is going on between Terry and his best friend. When Winston hears of this, he is devastated, and, for the last time darts off into the night.

Run is an amazingly inspiring book, and describes with great detail, just what it is like for people running for different reasons. A magical tale, filled with love, passion, and hope. I give RUN 5 stars!


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