Scars Run Deep
Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

Scars run deep.
A lot deeper then you might think.
Sometimes it may seem theyíre gone,
But they still hurt.

My scar doesnít show anymore.
I hide it away from everyone.
Itís the scar that you gave to me.
And it still hurts.

You think youíre mighty clever,
Donít you?
Being my closest ally until
I needed you the most.

Scars run deep.
Given by the sword, tongue,
Or what was
Never said or done.

Itís only human, to
Cheat and lie.
Itís only human,
For me to have trusted you.

If you could see me now,
See what Iíve become.
Someone whoís torn and broken,
Who trusts no one.

You can just enjoy yourself
While you watch me bleed.
Just remember, that
Scars run deep.

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