Sibling to Come
Monique, Age 12, Naperville, IL

When you hear your mom is pregnant
You just want to scream your head off!
'Cause you're so excited to have a baby sibling to come
But waiting for that special day when it is due
Comes a long way

First you need to prepare
Learn all the things you need to learn about
Buy all the stuff you need and have a perfect baby shower.

Which includes games, fun, activities and more!
Whatever you want on compare to galore!
Friends, family and more all come along
To visit, even see that new born baby still in it's "cage."
People say a boy can be a lion, others say a girl would be girly
But I say it's my sibling boy or girl no matter what
I'll love, hug, bother, take care of and MORE!

'Cause that's my first sibling to enjoy.

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