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Lois Lowry. The Silent Boy
Dell $7.99  ISBN 0-440-41980-8  198 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 12

From my bedroom window that night I looked down and saw that the door to the stable was closed and the brown dog had disappeared.  I knew that the touched boy was gone, that he had run the four miles home through the dark.

Lois Lowry is a fantastic writer whose writing often takes a different look on a situation.  Her books keep you reading, they are different yet believable.  Silent Boy is only one of her wonderful stories; some of the others include The Giver, Number the Stars and Gathering Blue.

Silent Boy is about Jacob, a boy who doesn’t speak or acknowledge that you have spoken to him.  No one knows what is wrong with him but in the early 1900s anyone who is different is treated by most as no one.  Dr. Henry Thatcher and his daughter, Katy, befriend him and treat him as they would treat everyone else.  Both of the Thatcher’s agree that he has a way with animals and Katy often sees him in their stable visiting their horses.  Katy and Jacob form a very understanding yet silent friendship.  When Jacob does something with the intention of helping and it doesn’t turn out that way, what will happen? Will all forgive him, or will no one believe his intention and go to extreme heights to punish him?

I would recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 11 and 15.  This book is about a boy’s struggle to be accepted because he is different, so be aware, there are some very disturbing sections in this book.  Overall, this was a book that I will always treasure.

Silent Boy fully earns its five shining gold stars.


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