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J.C Mills. The Strange Voyage of the Raconteur
Key Porter Books   $15.95   ISBN 1-55263-719-0  248 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

"Looking back on it all now, I suppose that particular morning didn't really start up differently than any other. There might have been one of those crazy signs out there; you know, the kind that tips you off to the fact that something bizarre is about to happen--an eerie halo around the rising sun, a weird-shaped cloud, or even a cryptic headline on the front page of the first edition. But I ran past the blue, dented news-paper box that teetered at the southeast corner of Port Street that morning without even glancing up, unaware that my whole life was about to be turned on end and changed forever."

Joe has a tough life, his mother and father are always fighting and school is a mess. The only place he seems to find peace is the marina. Sitting and watching the boats, Joe is at peace with the world. But something wonderful is about to happen, something that will explain all the questions about Joe's past. Joe has no idea of what is about to happen to him when he sees the boat pull up to the dock. A strange craft, with an ancient flag. Crewed by an old man with eyes the color of the sea and a large black dog. The Raconteur. It's arrival sends Joe on a journey into the past; his past, Zen's past, as well as the pasts of many others. Following clues and stories from long ago, Joe is about to embark on the greatest quest of all.

"If these words have somehow found their way to you, and if you have read them and understood them, and felt that indescribable tingle down your spine, just as I once did, then you already know what could lay ahead. One day the Raconteur might sail out of the mist towards you. And if it does, you will discover that these pieces of paper you now hold in her hand fit perfectly into her logbook. These pages complete the accounts, thus far, of all her masters. The next entry of course, will be yours to write."

J.C Mills has created a masterpiece. The Raconteur is a story for all lovers of the sea and of adventure. As we follow Joe and Zen back through the years we discover an amazing story. The Raconteur is full of thrilling twists and turns, keeping us enthralled right up to the very end. I would recommend the Raconteur for kids, boys and girls, ages twelve and up. It's a great read and one I highly recommend.

I would give The Strange Voyage of the Raconteur five stars out of five.


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