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Laura E. Williams. Behind the Bedroom Wall
Scholastic  $6.95  ISBN 0-590-21415-2  163 pg.
Reviewed by Chelaine, Age 11

Suddenly, it dawned on her what could possibly be just as important as love, if not more so. Freedom. She ran to tell her parents.

Laura E. Williams wrote this historical fiction book from a unique angle. Typically when you read a book about the holocaust you read from the Jewish perspective, however in this particular novel, it was written from the German point of view.

Behind The Bedroom Wall was written primarily on the subject of how the fictional character of thirteen-year-old Korinna Rehme finds out that her parents are concealing two Jewish people behind her bedroom wall. During this story, Korinna faces some vast challenges. When two Gestapo members rip apart their house looking for the Jewish people, it is essential that she decide whether she believes in her Fatherland and the rules that follow it, or if she should follow her heart.

I would rate this book with five stars. I enjoyed how Laura Williams wrote this book from the German perspective. It gave me a reason to believe that not all Germans were supporting Hitler, that regardless of nationality, people should help other people.


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