Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

He stood there at my side
Telling me everythingís
All right.
And I believed him.

It was because of him
That I lived each day,
Because of him, that
The sun shone each day.

Now heís forgotten me.
In his world,
I am invisible.
Heís gone and broken my heart.

Nothingís all right
The sun doesnít shine

Whatís there to live for anymore?
Why do I wake up each day?
Whatís to make my heart beat anymore?
Why do I even care?

Once when I was broken,
He came to me.
He patched up my soul,
And now he tore it up again.

Now I can only lie here,
Thinking of all his lies.
Thinking of how he used to say,
Things will always be this way.

The only reason I strived to live,
Has left me to be alone.
The only reason I woke up each day,
Iím invisible in his world.

He picked me up off the ground,
Only to push me down again.
He helped me pick up the pieces of my soul,
Only to have me be broken again.

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