Sarah's Stars

Ruth Minsky Sender. The Cage
Aladdin  $7.99  ISBN 0-689-813321-X  264 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 12

As long as there is life, there is hope.”

Riva has almost given up.  Her mother was taken away and now Riva, at sixteen, must take care of her younger brothers. Sickness starts to spread and it only makes matters worse when her family is transported to Auschwitz and she is separated from everyone she knows.  Riva continues to hope that one day the war will be over and her family will be reunited in their homeland of Poland.  As she is taken from camp to camp, Riva’s will to live dwindles, and only when she is writing is she remotely content.  On an unusually long march to where Riva is forced to work, there are whispers that everyone in her camp is going to be killed.  Will Riva be able to find a way to escape and help her friends around her?

I learned a lot about World War II from this novel.  It was very depressing for it brought to life the more feared aspects of war.  I recommend this book to people thirteen and up.  Some parts of this book will be hard to read through if you are sensitive because of how so many people turned their backs on Riva’s family, when before the war they were friends.  I realized that at the time of war human nature could make friends turn against each other to save themselves.  I think that the point of writing this novel was to show people how terrible the war can be as the whole time there is no safety.  Although this was an extremely sad book, it was very well written and showed how awful war is.

I rate The Cage five stars.


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