Sarah's Stars

Ruth Minsky Sender. The Cage
Bantam  $8.95  ISBN 0-553-27003-6  209 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 13

I stare at him in disbelief. A cold sweat covers my body. I feel sick. “Not you,” I whisper hoarsely. “Not you, Harry. How could you join them? How could you, my brother, become a part of killing our people? You know what the Nazis are doing is horrible, unforgivable.”

When her family’s best friends turn on them, they do not understand. Why were they doing this? Why did the Nazis hate the Jewish so much? Sixteen year old Rifkele, Riva, is petrified when her mother is taken away in a death caravan, which are held over all, almost daily. Her and her three brothers are now trying to get by, without a heater, and without a mother’s love. Alone.

I cried. To put it bluntly, the horror of the Holocaust was brought to me in the words Ruth used. They seemed to come at me in a sudden way, that not even I suspected. It’s unfair, because I can only protest now, considering I did not live then. There isn’t anything I can do about what happened. I felt every jolt of pain, every small beam of hope. It made me wish that I could do something. I wanted so very much to scream, or to yell. ‘You’re okay! Just hold on!’ It was a very moving script, and I recommend it for the ages thirteen years and up. It is quite graphic, keeping in touch with the true history of the Holocaust survivors. Long live them all!

I would give The Cage four and a half stars. I found that many words and sentences were repeated. It may be the author’s style, but I didn’t particularly enjoy that part. Altogether, this was an awesome book!


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