Sarah's Stars

Eva Wiseman. My Canary Yellow Star
Tundra  $9.99  ISBN 0-88776-533-5  229 pg.
Reviewed by Veronica, Age 12

Our food ran out after the second day of our imprisonment. I was so hungry that even the murky liquid in which we had boiled noodles tasted delicious when I greedily slurped it down. But soon that was gone too.

Marta Weis's life was good. She lived with her Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary. That is, until a letter came ordering her father to go dig ditches in Yugoslavia along with other fit Jewish men. They were made to wear yellow stars to mark they were Jewish. These things were only the beginning to a terrifying and uncertain journey through imprisonment, starvation, cruelty and discrimination directed at them and all other Jewish people.

My Canary Yellow Star is a great insight of what Jewish people had to go through during the German occupation of World War 2. You can really feel the emotions of the characters, like it also happened to you too. This novel was well put together and had good usage of words. Although I am twelve, I suggest My Canary Yellow Star be read by people age 14 and up due to coarse language. This book, which is written by Eva Wiseman, would be an excellent read for people who want a good picture of what it was like for the Jews of Hungary during the war.

I really liked My Canary Yellow Star and others will too, so I give it five out of five stars.


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