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John Wilson. Flames of the Tiger
Kids Can  $7.95  ISBN 1-55337-619-6  176 pg.
Reviewed by Jordan, Age 12

A burning Tiger Tank lay stark and black against the sunsetís fragile colours, its long cannon pointing uselessly at the heavens. Slowly Dieter scanned the field for signs of life-there were none.

Dieter grew up in the city of Berlin, wanting nothing more than to be like his big brother, Rienhard. Rienhard was a soldier of Hitler. The thought of war and battle thrilled Dieter. That is, until the Russians and Americans started to attack. Dieter is called to fight, as a Nazi, in a war he doesnít understand. When the truth about the war is revealed, Dieter must run from everything he has ever known just to survive.

Flames of the Tiger is an excellent novel. John Wilson expertly pinpoints the horrors of the holocaust. This book is a real page-turner. Exciting, descriptive, and non-stop action are just a few words I can use to describe Flames of the Tiger. I donít know if John Wilson has written any other books, but if he has, I want to read them. He is an excellent author.

Flames of the Tiger was not at all hard to get into. It was clear, fast paced, and right to the point. My eyes were glued to the pages (thank goodness not literallyÖ ouch). If you have an average reading level, want to learn about the holocaust and love a good book, this is the right book for you! Because of the fast-paced storyline (I write stories all the time, and believe me, it is not easy to keep a fast-paced storyline!), I give Flames of the Tiger 4 stars!  


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