Sarah's Stars

Myra Paperny. The Greenies
Harper Trophy  $15.99  ISBN 0-00-639355-9  249 pg.
Reviewed by Sarah, Age 15

The Holocaust was a tragic event, unimaginable to anyone who did not live through it. Afterwards the children who survived still had a long way to go until they had a life again. Only 1000 orphans were allowed into Canada in 1947, and they had to pass a multitude of different tests to get in. That is what The Greenies is about: a handful of those tormented children who were lucky enough to make it through the war and get onto a ship going to Canada. All of them have their own horrific stories, which come out as the story unfolds. Even their new foster lives prove not to be as easy as they anticipate.

I thought that The Greenies was an awesome look at the Holocaust, from a viewpoint Iíve never read before. I have read lots of books about children in Europe during the war, but never one about what happened to all of them afterwards. It was excellently written, and I fell in love with each of the characters and his or her struggle. I would recommend this book to mature readersí grades six and above since the topic is disturbing.

I think The Greenies is deserving of the full five stars.


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