Heal My Soul
Afriika, Age 14, Canada

How can you see where you're going
If you don't know where you've been
I hear your voice inside my head,
Saying open up and let me in.

I'm searching for an answer
But it's just so hard to find
I filter through my memories
But thoughts of you just cloud my mind

Take my heart and read it
Fix it up, make a first draft
Take my mind and delete it
Take a chance, make my new path

I wanna feel whole again
Change me, rewrite my destiny
I'm giving you my strength
Because you saw the best in me

Go on hear this insisting voice
It says, young girl please listen to me
Even the blind can see once again
All you have to do is just believe

Take my soul and feed it
Fill it up, make a new birth
Take my flesh and bleed it
My body in the name of the Earth

Now, you've given me my strength
I've found my peace in you
And now my soul will sing forever
I honour you in all I do.

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