Hidden by Clouds
Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

Staring out my window,
Watching the snow fall,
Cold flakes of silent beauty
Descending from the heavens.

When I open my window,
I feel the icy wind
It gently pricks my cheeks,
A cold needle's embrace.

Light fluffs of snow
Cling to my hair,
Making my normally dull head
Sparkle with beauty ice-bejeweled.

I stare up at the sky,
Looking out towards the stars,
Until they all become
Hidden by the clouds.

My emotions are the stars;
I hide them with clouds of frost.
My true feelings concealed
Gentle yet behind a cold front.

The night grows colder still,
But I do not wish to close the window.
The outdoors will never be
As chilled as I am inside myself.

No matter how much I wrap myself,
I still feel so cold within.
No matter how much the snow falls,
I cannot become more frozen.

Maybe one day the sun will shine,
For me, melt my heart of ice.
Perhaps one day I will realize,
That clouds don't stay forever.

One day, one day...

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