Where'd My Life Go?
Katherine, Age 13, Reston, VA

It used to be
That I couldn’t wait.
Just couldn’t wait
Until the end of the year.

But now,
Now everything’s different.
My life is a blur
Going by way too fast.

Where’d my life go?
Everything’s going by
When I wasn’t looking
My life ran off without me.

School used to be forever,
Couldn’t wait until the summer.
But now,
It’s coming too soon.

Where’d my life go?
I’m trying to race after it.
Where’d my life go?
It’s no longer going by slow.

A year would trickle by.
S l o w l y.
And now it’s become a train,
Zooming right past me.

Where’d my life go?
What happened to the
Good old days
When I was young and carefree?

Friends have come and gone, my
Heart repaired and broken again.
Where did my life go?
I miss it.

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