Sarah's Stars

Carol Matas. Lisa
Scholastic  $6.99  ISBN 0-439-95638-2  135 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 12

It used to be that everyone would talk freely- to their neighbour, on a train, at school. Now everyone suspects everyone.

Carol Matas is an author whose books are treasured by many. Her writing is so vivid and full of detail. She has written many books in her career especially about the holocaust. The description she gives of the holocaust is so believable and compelling.   Jesper, a novel brimming with devotion and heroism, is the sequel to the award winning Lisa. So if you enjoy Lisa definitely check out Jesper, as they are both outstanding.

Lisa, an overly brave 13-year-old girl, is living a pretty average life for a young Jewish girl until the Germans invade her home of Denmark. Everything is falling apart; Jews are restricted from doing certain things, at certain times, in certain places. Stefan, Lisa’s older brother, and his best friend Jesper are in a resistance group that tries to do whatever they can to stop the destruction or at least slow it down. After many pleas they allow Lisa to help. Soon after she fulfills her first job she becomes a member of the resistance and is called upon regularly to perform her duty. One day she is given the choice of leaving Denmark with her family to neutral Sweden or staying with Jesper and Stefan and then taking a later boat across. What will she choose?

I would fully recommend this book to readers 10 and up. If you enjoyed Lisa I would highly suggest that you read some more of Carol Matas’ work.

Lisa deserves 5 brightly shining golden stars.


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