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John Wilson. And In the Morning
Kids Can  $7.95  ISBN 1-55337-348-0  198 pg.
Reviewed by Patrick, Age 11

I tried to press myself as far into the ground as possible. I could hear Albert whimpering beside me. We were fairly safe as long as we kept flat and waited for the fuss to die down. But this was Albertís first time out. With a terrified screech, he began to get up.

Jim Hayís life changes dramatically when his father goes out to war. Jim then decides to start to use his journal to record his input and memories of the war of 1914. He thinks everything will go fine; his dad will come back, his mom will be calm. Yet, during war, nothing is fine. Jim finally gets his chance for war. Heíll find out war is no adventure, heíll find out itís life or death.

John Wilson wrote And in the Morning. He was recognized greatly for this book, including recognitions from the Stellar Book Teen Choice Award, Chocolate Lily Book Award, and White Pine Childrenís Choice Book Award. He also won the Parentís Guide to Childrenís Media Award for this book. I would recommend this novel to anyone 10-16 years old, or to any socials studies teachers as part of a lesson plan on World War I.

And in the Morning was a fantastic book about the First World War. It had all the components of fabulous piece of writing. Maybe the best book I have ever read. I couldnít put it down. This book was filled with emotion and action. It was captivating. I was very surprised by how well it was written using a journal format. This was a non-fiction book, and as I read it I was overwhelmed. I know war isnít something a kid has experience in. I donít, but as I was reading it I felt like I knew Jim and I had experienced war. This book sums up in two words - simply excellent.

I give John Wilsonís And in the Morning 5 stars!


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