Sarah's Stars

Kathy Kacer. The Night Spies
Second Story  $8.95  ISBN 1-896764-70-3  184 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 12

Terrified, Gabi came to an abrupt stop on the hillside, as a dozen soldiers surrounded them.  The Nazis pointed their pistols at the children-Gabi, Max, and Eva.

One dark night, Gabiís cousin Max shows up on her doorstep.  The rest of his family has been taken away.  Now, Gabi, her mother, and her irresponsible cousin Max must go into hiding for they are Jewish people in the middle of World War II.  The small family is taken to an undersized farm where they have to live in a crawlspace made out of hay.  Max gets restless, so one night he convinces Gabi to sneak out with him on a walk.  Even though at first Gabi does not want to, they keep going on walks, although now they are doing it for a purpose.  The nightwalkers have joined a secret band of partisans in the forest near the farmhouse.  Now Gabi, Max, and Eva, another girl living at the farm, must spy on the Nazi soldiers and report what they see.  One night the Nazi soldiers see them.  A long chase begins and the children wonder if they will ever get out of this fearful pursuit alive.

The Night Spies was a fast-paced story stuffed full of descriptions.  This holocaust novel is unlike any I have read before and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I only wish that the tale had gone on longer.   I recommend it to children nine and up.

I rate The Night Spies five stars  


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