Sarah's Stars

Lois Lowry. Number the Stars
Yearling  $4.50  ISBN 0-440-40327-8  137 pg.
Reviewed by Michaela, Age 12

Annemarie Johansen and Ellen Rosen are caught in the middle of something very scary. The Johansens are trying as hard as they can to help the Rosens escape the Nazis. They have to face some very big fears to save the Rosens and all the other Jews of Denmark.

Annemarie and Ellen are two girls living in Denmark during WWII. Annemarie is a tall, thin, and blonde ten-year-old who is also a great athlete. Ellen is the complete opposite; they are best friends!

I would say that Number The Stars is a book for ages 12 and up, since it talks about things that are going on during WWII. Younger readers would find it probably harder to understand, because it deals with complex issues around historical facts and human relationships. Lois Lowry has written many other books,  such as: The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline, Switcharound, All About Sam, and many more! Number The Stars was given a Newbery Award after it was published. The genre of this book would be historical-fiction, as Lois Lowry came up with the idea of writing Number The Stars through her friend, Annelise Platt, who was living in Copenhagen during WWII.

A good book is a book that describes the charactersí emotions, and makes it clear to you where they are, and what they are doing. Another thing that makes a good book is when the author adds lots of fun and exciting events, such as when Annemarie is running to her uncle at his ship; and when she runs into some Nazis and their mean dogs in the forest. Number The Stars definitely falls into the category of being a good book.

This reviewer gives four stars to this holocaust novel entitled Number the Stars.


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