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Irene N. Watts. Remember Me
Tundra  $8.99  ISBN 0-88776-519-X  174 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 12

That night Marianne looked up the words in her dictionary and wrote: Aunt Vera’s face is glacial when she looks at me.  I feel numb with sorrow without my mother.

Remember Me, the winner of the Canadian Jewish book award, is the sequel to the heartbreaking, Good-bye Marianne.  Irene N. Watts once again has created an unforgettable piece of writing.

In this book Irene N. Watts follows up on the stressful life of Marianne Kohn after she has escaped from her home in the core of World War II, by Kindertransport. Soon after arriving Marianne meets her sponsor, Mrs. Abercombie Jones, whom makes it clear that she is not welcome. Over the next few days she struggles with communicating as the majority of citizens are English speaking, but she finds a friend in Bridget who happily helps her with her English.  In dire need of her mother, Marianne attempts to find her mother a job and is luckily successful. With the arrival of her mother looming Marianne is ecstatic, but she learns that Bridget is leaving for Canada. Will she be able to cope with the loss of yet another person who has been by her side through the good and the bad?

I would recommend this book to anyone who finds historical fiction appealing. This book is not as mature as some that I have read. If you want to read this book I would definitely read Good-bye Marianne first.

Remember Me deserves 100 stars but my rating system is only out of five.  So, I give it five stars.


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