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Kathy Kacer. The Secret of Gabi's Dresser
Second Story  $6.95  ISBN 1-896764-15-0 128 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 12

At any other time in our lives we would have been delighted that school was closed. But not now. Now we knew something serious had happened.  This was yet one more rule separating us from everyone else. Our lives were being taken away, little by little, and we were becoming more and more frightened as each new law was passed.

Kathy Kacer is a fabulous writer who Ďpaintsí a picture in your mind.  

Through her writing she expresses so much depth and passion that you feel that you are watching this being acted out. The Secret of Gabiís Dresser is also the winner of the Silver Birch Award.   I think that it helped that she based Gabi on the real experiences that her very own mother experienced when she was growing up during World War II.   This is definitely one of the few that can be enjoyed by a younger group as well as an older group. I recommend it to kids between the ages of 8-13.  With the theme of a book being about holocaust, many are usually too mature for the readers under the ages of 11.

The Secret of Gabiís Dresser is about Gabi and her family who live in Czechoslovakia during the invasion by the Nazis. Gabi is content with her life; her family is like any other average Jewish family. That is until Hitler sets rules prohibiting Jewish citizens to do certain things at certain times of the day. Her family deals with what comes their way, but after her father takes deathly ill and no one can manage the farm, and the school rejects any Jewish students, life gets tough.  One day it was rumored that they were sending away any young Jewish girls in her village the next day.   Gabi and her mother decide that she will hide in the old dresser if they come search the house. Not long after they hide Gabi, the Nazis come and search the house looking for the young girl that records show lived there.  Will they find her or will the dresser save Gabiís life?

The Secret of Gabiís Dresser rightfully earns five stars!


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