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Hanneke Ippisch. Sky
Troll  $6.95  ISBN 0-8167-4524-2  139 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 11

The moment I walked into the meetinghouse, two very large Germans with machine guns jumped at me screaming at me to drop everything I was holding.

It was 1940 in Holland, and Hanneke Ippisch was only 15 years old. One night, while listening behind the door of her Fatherís study, she overheard the word Ďundergroundí. She follows the strange lady that was talking to her father home. When she got to the ladyís house, she told her that she wanted to join the resistance. The lady, unfortunately, told her to think about it for a long time, or completely forget about it and get back to her studies. Ever persistent, however, Hanneke returned in three months time, and declared that she still wanted to get involved. She was soon given her first task: to bring some identification papers to a Jewish family hidden in an old house in the town of Haarlem. What will happen to Hanneke?

Hanneke Ippisch wrote Sky, an absolutely true story, which takes place in 1940.  One downfall of this book is that it takes quite a long time to get into it.  On the other hand, once you are into it, you just canít put it down.  One thing that I found out from reading this book is just how scary and dangerous real life can be.

I would recommend Sky for someone who wants to read a chapter-by-chapter book.  I would not recommend this book for anyone under the age of 10.  I think that this book would be a good choice if someone were doing a project on either World War II or the resistance during World War II.

I give Sky 4 stars.


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