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Marie McSwigan. Snow Treasure
Scholastic  $5.50  ISBN 0-590-42537-4  156 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 11

He took two handfuls of snow and began to make his soldier.  He patted it hard.  As he reached for more, something made him look up.  It was just the merest noise - soft like breathing.  He looked into a pair of blue, blue eyes.  Their owner was wearing the dull-colored uniform of a German infantry soldier.

It is almost springtime in Riswyk, Norway, yet Peter and his friends are still sledding in the snow! Later that night, Peter is awakened by the sound of tramping boots.  He finds out that somehow the children of the village can help in the war against the Germans.  The next day in school, Uncle Victor comes and talks with the school children.  He helps them start the Defense club; Peter is the head of it.  The kids in the club will take the gold, on their sleds, down to the snake and then bury them between two trees, and build a snowman overtop.  Then, at night, Uncle Victor and Rolls would only have to find the snowmen to find the gold, and then they would bring it on board the Cleng Peerson, Uncle Victors ship.  The first day, everything went well.  On the way down, one of the captains even turned his men aside so they could go on without spoiling their sled track!  When at the Holms’ farmhouse, Peter asks why they had to hurry.  Herr Holms said they wouldn’t if the snow holds!!!  Will the snow hold??  Will the children be able to safely get the gold to the snake and safely away?

Marie McSwigan wrote Snow Treasure.  It takes place in the bleak winter of 1940.  I immensely enjoyed reading this book because the ‘heroes’, so to speak, are children.  I also enjoyed this book because it was always exciting and adventurous.  This book immediately grabbed my attention because it had a lot of cool ideas and hooking events that made you want to just read, read and read!!

I would recommend Snow Treasure for anyone who wants a page-turner or a chapter-by-chapter book.  I think that every age group would enjoy it, even adults.  After reading this book, I wondered if it was an actual event.  In the front of the book, it told me that although it might not have been on sleds, brave Norwegian children somehow slipped $9,000,000 worth of gold bullion past Nazi guards.

I give Snow Treasure 5 stars.


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