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Walter Buchignani. Tell No One Who You Are
Scholastic  $9.95  ISBN 0-439-28326-4  185 pg.
Reviewed by Whitney, Age 12

"This is what I had to tell you," Nicole said. " From now on you are Augusta Dubois."

"But I'm Regine Miller."

"I know that," said Nicole. "But from now on no one else must know your real name. What I am saying is: Tell no one who you are. Do you understand? This is very, very important."

Regine Miller thought her life was great. She had an older brother, and a mother and a father who all loved her dearly. Then one day her life changed. The schools were shut down because of the war, but when they re-opened Jewish children were not allowed. Regine loved school and thought life couldn't get any worse that is until her brother was taken away and her mother became so ill she was sent to the hospital. Regine's father sent her away to some strangerís house to keep safe. What has happened to her father, mother, and brother? Will Regine ever find her family? Will she have to keep switching houses and hideaways?

Tell No One Who You Are was written by Walter Buchignani. Walter met Regine Miller in 1991, while covering a gathering of Jewish children that had hidden during World War II. He wanted to understand what the survivors had been through, and eventually recreated the hidden childhood of Regine Miller. Walter is a regular writer for the Montreal Gazette. He also writes regularly about one of his passions - Formula One Auto Racing. Tell No One Who You Are is Walter's first-ever novel.

Wow, if you think chores are hard, you should really read this book! Could you imagine being switched from house to house all over the countryside not knowing where your family was, and staying with complete and total strangers? I would rather do chores non-stop all month than do that! Wouldn't you?

This book is a true story with pictures halfway through of Regine and the people she stayed with, which really creates a clear picture in your mind of the happenings during Regineís life. I liked this book because the descriptions and all the memories are unbelievably described by Walter, itís as if Regine was sitting in front of you telling you the story. If you need to understand what some of these children went through during the war, read this book!

I liked Tell No One Who You Are and give it 4 out of 5 stars.


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