Trip in Time
Molly, Age 10, Shelby, NC

 "I'll get it!" I called and raced over to the ringing telephone to answer. A voice hesitantly responded and announced that I was going to get to take a day through history. I held back my joy and in a mature tone asked who it was. Click! I heard as our conversation was ended.

In an instant, I hung up the phone and sauntered into my room. With a shiver and a shake, a shaded figure appeared and told me that this was a time machine and to get in because we were about to take a wild ride through history!

"Which one?" I questioned as I stared in a daze at all the buttons that stood before me. I quickly took my pick of 1865 the year of Abraham Lincoln's death. We suddenly hit a bump and were off in a race through time. Out of nowhere, colonial objects started flying by us, and then I knew we must be getting closer.

"Would you like to meet Abraham Lincoln?" the shaded figure asked as we landed. I joyfully responded with a yes! As we arrived in Ford's Theater where Edwin Booth was about to perform I saw man men and women. Finally I spotted him! "Abraham Lincoln!" I called out. He swiftly turned around and asked who I was. I pleasantly told him my name. He asked my companion and me, if we would like to sit in his balcony box with him for tonight's performance. I said nothing but he could see in my face that that would be a yes! As we were watching the performance we suddenly heard a BOOM! and Abe Lincoln went forward. With a huff and a puff somebody cried out," Abraham Lincoln has just been shot by John Wilkes Booth!" That sure woke up the crowd. I motioned for the mysterious man to come on but he just sat there oblivious. In a skinny minute, there was a pause and everyone but the figure and I stopped. He finally murmured to go get in the time machine. When we arrived once again into the time machine I didn't hesitate I hit the 2006 button and we were off.

 Zzzzzz! was the sound as we landed safely back into my room. Without saying another word the man was off until our next departure. I zipped into the kitchen to greet my family. "Did you wash your hands yet?" questioned mom. I just stood there puzzled! No one even knew about the surprising phone call.

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