Why Turtles Walk So Slow
Jennifer, Age 9, Montreal, QC

Once upon a time, turtles were the fastest animals on land. Whenever the animals in the forest would see a green thing zoom by, they knew it was the turtle.

One day, the cheetah went to the turtle and said, “Do you want to have a race tomorrow?” The turtle agreed. The cheetah said whoever loses has to stand on two feet. The turtle agreed again.

The next day, they were about to have a race, but they didn’t have anyone to say on your marks get set, go. They found the owl and the owl said, “On your marks get set, Go!!”

The turtle was in the lead. The turtle looked back and didn’t see the cheetah. The turtle didn’t know the cheetah was in the bushes so he started slowing down. When they where close to the finish line, the cheetah ran in front of the turtle and the turtle started running, but it was too late. The cheetah won the race. The turtle was so scared because he had to stand on two feet. The turtle stood on two feet and lost his balance and fell down and broke his legs.

A few months later, the turtle’s legs cured and he was playing in the forest with his friends. They were running around in the forest and the turtle took two hours to catch up to them. Turtles are still slow to this day.

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