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Claire Huchet Bishop. Twenty and Ten
Scholastic  $4.99  ISBN 0-590-34168-5  76 pg.
Reviewed by Chelaine, Age 11

Sister Gabriel spoke up, “I did not expect less from you boys and girls. But you must understand what this means.  The Nazis are looking for those children. If we take them we must never let on that they are here. Never. Even if we are questioned. We can never betray them, no matter what the Nazis do to us. Do you understand?”

Claire Huchet Bishop wrote this fictional novel based on the holocaust. Her grandfather and her mother both were interested in writing or doing dramatic readings. Claire thought it was only natural that when she finished her studies she would begin telling stories at the French Children’s Library in Paris.

Twenty And Ten was written on the topic of how a group of 20 French children accommodated a group of 10 Jewish students up in the mountains. The novel was placed in the time era when the Nazis occupied France. In that time period many Jewish people were in danger of the Nazi regime. Twenty-one of the citizens in the story (the 20 students and Sister Gabriel) were willing enough to conceal Jews; this was risking their lives. The Nazis interrogated the French citizens trying to locate the Jews by bribing them with food rations or threatening them with jail.  Without Sister Gabriel, will the children manage to keep the others hidden?

I would rate this book with three and a half stars.  Once you get past the slow start in the beginning, the story has countless suspenseful events leading up to its conclusion.


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