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Heather Kirk. Warsaw Spring
Napoleon  $9.95  ISBN 0-929141-86-5 256 pg.
Reviewed by Evany, Age 12

Warsaw Spring is a book that helps you see right into the life and thoughts of a troubled teen. Dropping out of school, feeling rejected by her mother and not being able to see, or even meet her father, Eva decides to escape. She flees her problems by flying to Warsaw, the capital of her familyís homeland, Poland. In this totally new world, Eva finds a mysterious half sister she didnít even know existed, and meets a charismatic but strange young man. As Eva discovers, life in Canada is nothing compared to the food shortages, communist regime and the inescapable memories of the terrible Second World War. Will this touching experience help Eva find the light at the end of her struggles, or will it make her even more bitter and cold? I suggest you read it to find out.

Heather Kirk lives in Barrie, Ontario, with her husband and dog. She has written newspaper and magazine articles, radio scripts and poetry, along with other fictional novels about her journeys in Poland.

I found Warsaw Spring absolutely packed with information and facts about life in Poland, and the War itself. Though the novel is fictional, it is based on the true life of the people living in Poland during the communist reign of power, and a teenís struggles throughout life. It is very realistic, and quite serious, although there is subtle humor to be found in many charactersí conversations. I think this book would be best for people 11 years and up, because it is rather hard to follow at times. Even though this is defiantly not my first choice of books, the author has painted vivid pictures with her words. Your head is always filled with ideas of exactly the scenes described.

I give Warsaw Spring 3 out of 5 stars, because I like books with a more gripping storyline - exciting adventures and daring schemes. I may enjoy this book more when I am a bit older.


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