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Lois Metzger. Yours, Anne: The Life of Anne Frank
Scholastic  $9.95  ISBN 0-439-59099-X  92 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 12

For the past year, groups of Nazis had been marching in the streets, singing songs about killing Jews.  Now these people were in charge of the government.

Anneís biggest worry used to be that her mother wasnít strong enough to take care of her, but when the Nazis take control of her homeland, Holland, all her worries become too small to care about compared to what Anne now has to face.  Anne, along with her family, is forced into hiding because of the Nazis.  Anne wished she were able to be free from her boring life in the secret Annex and her mother, whom she grows farther apart from each day.  To make matters worse, burglars start to become a regular commotion downstairs and any noise from someone in the secret Annex could alert the unwanted intruder, endangering Anneís entire family.  All the stress gets to Anne and now she spends all of her time worried about being found.

Unlike other novels about Anne Frank, in this account Anneís story is relayed from the authorís point of view and you can learn a lot more of what happened during the time before she was in the Annex.  Lois Metzger interviewed people who knew Anne during the time she was in the Annex to explore what Anne did not write in her notorious diary.  This book is entirely written by Lois Metzger, only using quotes from Anneís diary to embellish each passage.

I enjoyed reading this account of Anne Frankís life.  Since some of the material in this book is more mature, I recommend this story to children ten and up.

I rate Yours, Anne: The Life of Anne Frank four stars.


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